Friday, July 28, 2006

Higher Pay & Travel Around the Globe

Working in oil and gas definitely offering you higher salary compared to other normal job. As an approximate indication, entry level positions such as Roughneck , Rigger or Catering Assistant salaries start from RM30,000 per annum. People who work in trade, professional or technical positions, tend to earn upwards of RM100,000, with salaries of over RM150,000 per annum not uncommon. Offcourse by working in oversea like in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhtan, Mexico you'll be getting more ranging from RM25,000 to Rm35,000 per month. Alhamdulillah.

Travel experiences
In the offshore oil rig and gas industries, many travel opportunities exist as part of the job. You may find yourself posted to such countries as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, the UK or elsewhere. These jobs may have larger security risks which results with a larger pay benefiting you for your time spent there. Working in other countries can be be more rewarding with larger pay and unique cultural experiences.

For a successful chance to get into the oil industry be advise you to take up one of the services available to assist people in obtaining a position within the oil rig industry.


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