Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Job with TASNEE Saudi Arabia

I received email from my fellow regarding job with TASNEE Saudi Arabia... Here is the details:

From: [] On Behalf Of Norsaidatul Mazelan
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 5:22 PM
Subject: [jobspetrochemicalTHINKPLUS] TASNEE INTERVIEW between 18th - 30th SEPTEMBER, 2010

Dear Members,

We are please to inform that TASNEE will be conducting interview between 18th - 30th September, 2010. The interview will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur. Any other places is subject to Tasnee decision. Please look out for our Tasnee advertisement in the STAR newspaper on Saturday (28th September, 2010). All locations for TASNEE interview will be updated at Please call Mr Shahrom or Ms Izzati at +603- 62804984 for more details.

The list of jobs to be interviewed are listed below. Please complete your details and also the JOB TITLE that you are interested to apply and send your updated resume to If you have registered with THINK PLUS 1-2 years ago, you still need to send the updated resume as the company wants a more recent resume.

IC No. /Passport No:
Mobile No:
Years of experience in Industry:
1. Petrochemical. :
2. Oil and Gas :
3. Manufacturing.
4. Others...... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... .
Position applying :
Present Job Title (Current):
Present Employer :
Expected salary:

Please submit latest resume to thinkplustasnee@ urgently for assesment.

No Position
1 Business Planning Engineer
2 Information Technology (IT) Analyst
3 Contracts Engineer
4 Procurement Engineer
5 Logistics Inventory Controller
6 Shipping Coordinator
7 Process Safety Engineer
8 Fire & Safety Engineer
9 Fire Safety Trainer
10 Process Engineer
11 Process Control Engineer
12 Maintenance Supervisor (Instrument)
13 Engineer (Mechanical/ Electrical/Instrument /Rotating / Reliability /Civil
14 Inspection Engineer
15 Snr Specialist /Specialist (Instrument/Electrical/Mech)
16 Planners (Mechanical / Instrument)
17 Material Specialist
18 Training Coordinator (Mechanical Maintenance) / (Cracker/UTOS/PP/PDH/PE)
19 Operations SpecialistsCracker/UTOS/HDPE/LDPE/PDH)
20 Production Engineer (PP/PDH/Cracker/UTOS)
21 Operations Shift Supervisors (Cracker/UTOS)
22 Operator (PP/PDH/HDPE)
23 Laboratory Specialist / Technician
24 Laboratory Technologist (Research Center)
25 Specialist (Blow Moulding/Injection Moulding/Pipe) (Research Center)
26 Film Specialist (Research Center)
27 Materials Specialist (Research Center)
28 Quality Assurance Officer (Research Center)
29 Storage Keeper (Research Center)
30 CAD & IT Engineer (Research Center)
31 Compounding Technician (Research Center)
32 Electro-Mechanical Engineer (Research Center)
33 Extrusion Technician (Research Center)
34 Machine Tool Operator (Research Center)
35 Mechanical Fitter (Research Center)
36 Moulding Technician (Research Center)
37 Process Engineer (Research Center)

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Job in Korea and UAE

There is email sent by ARAMIS to me yesterday. For those interested, please email your particular to Mr Sani at . Below is the email extract from Sani:

Dear All,

My name is Sani, I am working for the Engineering, Construction and Commissioning Business Line within ARAMIS.

Our group ARAMIS is engaged in delivering project management, engineering, training and consultancy services for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Process industries in Asia and Middle East. ARAMIS has established subsidiaries and branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Qatar and France.

We have actually an opportunity for a long term assignment with our Client, as follows;

Ø Safety Manager (Open to Expart)

Ø Senior Electrical Engineer

Ø Senior Control/Instrument Engineer

Ø Senior Structural Engineer

Ø Senior Static Equipment Engineer

Ø Senior Procurement Engineer

Ø Senior QA/QC Engineer

Ø Construction Superintendent (Open to Expart)

Ø Senior Rotary Engineer

Ø Commercial/Contract Manager

Ø Senior Process Engineer

Herewith some details regarding the assignment condition and Profile requirement:

Commencement Date
September 2010


Work location
10 to 12 months in Seoul (Korea) followed by 24 to 30 months in Ruwais (UAE)

Work regime
In Seoul: 5 days/week, 48 hours/week

In Ruwais: 6 days/week, 10 hours/day

Leave cycle (Leave cycle economy ticket to point of origin provided)
In Seoul: 16/2
In Ruwais: 11/2 (77/14)

In Seoul: provided
In Ruwais: provided

In Seoul: Host country taxes paid
In Ruwais: Host country taxes paid

In Seoul: Living allowance provided for every day in Korea, except for R&R
In Ruwais: Living allowance provided for every day while on site in Ruwais, except while on R&R

Engineering degree with 5 to 8 years, experience in a refinery projects as PMC (Consultant/Owner) preferably in the Middle East. Demonstrated knowledge, practices and principles applied by Major Oil/Gas Company is required.

If not we would appreciate if you dispatch this opportunity to your friends & acquaintances as we also have other position requirements:



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Corrosion Engineer also known as "Professor"

We called him " Professor". His real name is Mr. Johann Taverner from Germany. He was our Lead Corrosion Engineer for previous RBI Rehab Project.

Eventhough his title was Corrosion Engineer but he has vast experience and knowledge in Pressure Vessel, Tank Design and Assessment. He even had worked for the university couple of years before joining Germanisher Lloyds. He spend almost 2 years with the team and left the project in April 07. Now he is in Germanisher Lloyds main office in Hamburg, Germany.

I learn a lot from this guy. He always trying to help and answer every question we asked him eventhough he was very busy man. I always have discussion with him regarding the job ( RBI, Vessel assessment) and sometimes I have disagreement with him on some issue but no problem, that is part and parcel of good discussion.

Other interesting point about him is he was very active person compared to his age. He is a marathon man and still actively participating in Marathon all over Germany. 5-10 km running per day is normal for him. I tried to follow him running once but huhhhhh.. cant match him. Our office that time was on 6th Floor and he always watched us so that we are NOT using the lift to climb the floor. Hence, we used to climb 6th floor using stair every day once he was there. Hahah.. But now, since he left, many of us use lift.

Wishing him all the best. Thanks a lot.

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Happy new year to all. Hope you have achieved every goal that you plan for 2007. Lets hope 2008 bring more cheer, joy and prosperity to all of us. It has been a while since my last post. Quite busy with my work here in Cairo. Last year I was working in the Offshore Facilities Rehabilitation Project for BP Gupco. Refer to the attached photo for Rehab Team. Standing 1st from right is me!!

New year coming and I was transferred to new and more exciting project. Now, I'm working with Germanisher Lloyds for Saqqara RBI project. The project is very exciting to me since I am involved from the start of the project. This project is basically to prepare and develop GALIOM RBI database for BP GUPCO new onshore facility, SAQQARA. The task include but not limited to :

1. Develop Asset Hierrachy
2.Define functional group and corrosion loop
3. Create feature and tag for each vessel, tank, piping. Uploading mechanical data.
4. Selecting TML (Thickness Measurement Location)
5. Assign Failure Mode
6. Define Probability and Consequence of Failure
7. Evaluate Criticality and Confidence Grading.

The team consist of Mr. Jose Jordan as Corrosion Engineer (Venezuela), myself as Reliability Engineer, Mr. Frankie as Data Coordinator / IT support (Hongkong) and supported by local Egyptian engineer. So far the project is progressing as per plan. Lets hope we deliver to BP Gupco in time.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Job Oppurtunity in Schlumberger

Schlumberger.. everybody in oil and gas know about this company.. I can tell you that everybody in this industry love to part of this company. I will also want work with Schlumberger someday if given the oppurtunity. And now they are hiring..Check it out.

There is a new job posted that might be of interest:

Mechanical, Exploration & Production

Salary indication: Very Competitive

Find out more, please click here

Job Opening..


Friday, August 18, 2006

Looking for Senior Technician

There is a new job posted that might be of interest: Senior Mechanical Maintenance Technician, see in the Petrochemical category.

Salary indication: Competitive

Click here : Senior Technician Needed

To increase your chance, be selective with applying: carefully match your capabilities, experiences and ambitions with the requirements.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oil and Gas Industry Salary Checker

How do you know you salary youre getting is worth it? What is the market value for your position. This is very important info before you want to deal or attent interview. You don't want to deal very high salary which the oil company cant pay you and you also don't want to get lower salary compared to your friend in the same position. How the check it? Here it is.

The Oil and Gas Industry Salary Checker works by searching through our database for salary information that matches your query. This should give you good idea of what people in specific situations are being paid and will allow a direct comparison with your own position. The salary information is entered directly by people when they enter their CV/resume. The results show how many people match your query, the average salary for all those matching and detailed salary data for 20 people around the median result. The detailed information displayed includes salary, job title, age, experience, qualification and country of residence.

For more info, click here Oil & Gas Salary Checker

Monday, August 14, 2006

Reliability Engineer

I'm working as a Reliability Engineer. What is it really Reliability Engineer do? How to get into this line? What is the qualification needed? Let me tell you one by one. Currently I'm working in Rehabilitation Project for BP Egypt. Some of their oil facilities ( drilling platform, pipeline, refinery, offshore structure, vessel) were built during years of 1970 and above. That’s mean this facilities are near to end of its life span. Normally the designer will design offshore facilities, refinery to be in safe working condition of around 30-40 years. After this period, if the owner still wants to use these facilities, they need to engage Consultant to perform detail inspection and assessment in order to justify that it is safe and reliable for operation.

This is where Reliability Engineer will play its part. With the aid of NDT (non-destructive test), Reliability Engineer will assess and give recommendation, approval whether the item is safe and reliable for operation. Thus, if you can imagine that Reliability Engineer have very huge responsibility since each of his recommendation will be the final decision whether to use or scrap the facilities. This is very the use of advanced NDT will help a lot in determining and recognizing defect, imperfection. For me, working as a Reliability Engineer is very challenging and interesting career. I will touch later in next posting on how to be a qualified Reliability Engineer. Don’t forget to visit this blog again.

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