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I think working in offshore or oil and gas facility is the safest place to work. Safety is the big and important aspect to be taken care before any work or job can be carried out. However, some people may take not take safety seriously. They prefer to do 'short cut' job without fullfill the safety aspect of their work. That why sometimes maritime accident, maritime injuries happen. This is one example of the maritime accident.

Think Safety , Work Safely

Work was in hand to position new panels of steel grating on the 5th level of a process train (See photo). Several supporting cross beams had been located incorrectly. Hence the gratings did not fit properly as designed. However the decision was made to lay down all the gratings and to tie those necessary in place temporary by using thin wire.The contractor fixing the gratings placed wooden planks down over the unsecured gratings to assist him in carrying out safe operations. During the morning of the accident these wooden planks were removed to assist in the operation.

The contractor did not expect any other work to be performed at this level during the same day. At lunch time the site was left without the wooden planks being replaced and without any warning signs or tapes.In the late morning some welders requested that a scaffold platform be installed. During the lunch break the scaffolding supervisor went up to the 5th level to review the need for scaffolding. He walked along ontop of the grating unaware that some of the gratings were unsecured. When he put his weight ontop of the grating in question, the wire broke and he and the grating fell down through the platform and he hit his head on a scaffold pole. He died 9 hours later in hospital.


Blogger chemical-engineering said...

That's why we need the Job SAfety analysis (JSA)form, Emergency REsponse Procedure (ERP), permit to work (PTW) and other sorts of related document to be safe/practice safety during work....remember your family....
Nice job SAM


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Nice piece of work sam...keep up the good work


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Good info bro...

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