Friday, August 13, 2010

Job in Korea and UAE

There is email sent by ARAMIS to me yesterday. For those interested, please email your particular to Mr Sani at . Below is the email extract from Sani:

Dear All,

My name is Sani, I am working for the Engineering, Construction and Commissioning Business Line within ARAMIS.

Our group ARAMIS is engaged in delivering project management, engineering, training and consultancy services for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Process industries in Asia and Middle East. ARAMIS has established subsidiaries and branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Qatar and France.

We have actually an opportunity for a long term assignment with our Client, as follows;

Ø Safety Manager (Open to Expart)

Ø Senior Electrical Engineer

Ø Senior Control/Instrument Engineer

Ø Senior Structural Engineer

Ø Senior Static Equipment Engineer

Ø Senior Procurement Engineer

Ø Senior QA/QC Engineer

Ø Construction Superintendent (Open to Expart)

Ø Senior Rotary Engineer

Ø Commercial/Contract Manager

Ø Senior Process Engineer

Herewith some details regarding the assignment condition and Profile requirement:

Commencement Date
September 2010


Work location
10 to 12 months in Seoul (Korea) followed by 24 to 30 months in Ruwais (UAE)

Work regime
In Seoul: 5 days/week, 48 hours/week

In Ruwais: 6 days/week, 10 hours/day

Leave cycle (Leave cycle economy ticket to point of origin provided)
In Seoul: 16/2
In Ruwais: 11/2 (77/14)

In Seoul: provided
In Ruwais: provided

In Seoul: Host country taxes paid
In Ruwais: Host country taxes paid

In Seoul: Living allowance provided for every day in Korea, except for R&R
In Ruwais: Living allowance provided for every day while on site in Ruwais, except while on R&R

Engineering degree with 5 to 8 years, experience in a refinery projects as PMC (Consultant/Owner) preferably in the Middle East. Demonstrated knowledge, practices and principles applied by Major Oil/Gas Company is required.

If not we would appreciate if you dispatch this opportunity to your friends & acquaintances as we also have other position requirements:




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