Monday, August 14, 2006

Reliability Engineer

I'm working as a Reliability Engineer. What is it really Reliability Engineer do? How to get into this line? What is the qualification needed? Let me tell you one by one. Currently I'm working in Rehabilitation Project for BP Egypt. Some of their oil facilities ( drilling platform, pipeline, refinery, offshore structure, vessel) were built during years of 1970 and above. That’s mean this facilities are near to end of its life span. Normally the designer will design offshore facilities, refinery to be in safe working condition of around 30-40 years. After this period, if the owner still wants to use these facilities, they need to engage Consultant to perform detail inspection and assessment in order to justify that it is safe and reliable for operation.

This is where Reliability Engineer will play its part. With the aid of NDT (non-destructive test), Reliability Engineer will assess and give recommendation, approval whether the item is safe and reliable for operation. Thus, if you can imagine that Reliability Engineer have very huge responsibility since each of his recommendation will be the final decision whether to use or scrap the facilities. This is very the use of advanced NDT will help a lot in determining and recognizing defect, imperfection. For me, working as a Reliability Engineer is very challenging and interesting career. I will touch later in next posting on how to be a qualified Reliability Engineer. Don’t forget to visit this blog again.


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