Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oil and Gas Industry Salary Checker

How do you know you salary youre getting is worth it? What is the market value for your position. This is very important info before you want to deal or attent interview. You don't want to deal very high salary which the oil company cant pay you and you also don't want to get lower salary compared to your friend in the same position. How the check it? Here it is.

The Oil and Gas Industry Salary Checker works by searching through our database for salary information that matches your query. This should give you good idea of what people in specific situations are being paid and will allow a direct comparison with your own position. The salary information is entered directly by people when they enter their CV/resume. The results show how many people match your query, the average salary for all those matching and detailed salary data for 20 people around the median result. The detailed information displayed includes salary, job title, age, experience, qualification and country of residence.

For more info, click here Oil & Gas Salary Checker


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