Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Job with TASNEE Saudi Arabia

I received email from my fellow regarding job with TASNEE Saudi Arabia... Here is the details:

From: [] On Behalf Of Norsaidatul Mazelan
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 5:22 PM
Subject: [jobspetrochemicalTHINKPLUS] TASNEE INTERVIEW between 18th - 30th SEPTEMBER, 2010

Dear Members,

We are please to inform that TASNEE will be conducting interview between 18th - 30th September, 2010. The interview will be conducted in Kuala Lumpur. Any other places is subject to Tasnee decision. Please look out for our Tasnee advertisement in the STAR newspaper on Saturday (28th September, 2010). All locations for TASNEE interview will be updated at Please call Mr Shahrom or Ms Izzati at +603- 62804984 for more details.

The list of jobs to be interviewed are listed below. Please complete your details and also the JOB TITLE that you are interested to apply and send your updated resume to If you have registered with THINK PLUS 1-2 years ago, you still need to send the updated resume as the company wants a more recent resume.

IC No. /Passport No:
Mobile No:
Years of experience in Industry:
1. Petrochemical. :
2. Oil and Gas :
3. Manufacturing.
4. Others...... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... .
Position applying :
Present Job Title (Current):
Present Employer :
Expected salary:

Please submit latest resume to thinkplustasnee@ urgently for assesment.

No Position
1 Business Planning Engineer
2 Information Technology (IT) Analyst
3 Contracts Engineer
4 Procurement Engineer
5 Logistics Inventory Controller
6 Shipping Coordinator
7 Process Safety Engineer
8 Fire & Safety Engineer
9 Fire Safety Trainer
10 Process Engineer
11 Process Control Engineer
12 Maintenance Supervisor (Instrument)
13 Engineer (Mechanical/ Electrical/Instrument /Rotating / Reliability /Civil
14 Inspection Engineer
15 Snr Specialist /Specialist (Instrument/Electrical/Mech)
16 Planners (Mechanical / Instrument)
17 Material Specialist
18 Training Coordinator (Mechanical Maintenance) / (Cracker/UTOS/PP/PDH/PE)
19 Operations SpecialistsCracker/UTOS/HDPE/LDPE/PDH)
20 Production Engineer (PP/PDH/Cracker/UTOS)
21 Operations Shift Supervisors (Cracker/UTOS)
22 Operator (PP/PDH/HDPE)
23 Laboratory Specialist / Technician
24 Laboratory Technologist (Research Center)
25 Specialist (Blow Moulding/Injection Moulding/Pipe) (Research Center)
26 Film Specialist (Research Center)
27 Materials Specialist (Research Center)
28 Quality Assurance Officer (Research Center)
29 Storage Keeper (Research Center)
30 CAD & IT Engineer (Research Center)
31 Compounding Technician (Research Center)
32 Electro-Mechanical Engineer (Research Center)
33 Extrusion Technician (Research Center)
34 Machine Tool Operator (Research Center)
35 Mechanical Fitter (Research Center)
36 Moulding Technician (Research Center)
37 Process Engineer (Research Center)

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