Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Corrosion Engineer also known as "Professor"

We called him " Professor". His real name is Mr. Johann Taverner from Germany. He was our Lead Corrosion Engineer for previous RBI Rehab Project.

Eventhough his title was Corrosion Engineer but he has vast experience and knowledge in Pressure Vessel, Tank Design and Assessment. He even had worked for the university couple of years before joining Germanisher Lloyds. He spend almost 2 years with the team and left the project in April 07. Now he is in Germanisher Lloyds main office in Hamburg, Germany.

I learn a lot from this guy. He always trying to help and answer every question we asked him eventhough he was very busy man. I always have discussion with him regarding the job ( RBI, Vessel assessment) and sometimes I have disagreement with him on some issue but no problem, that is part and parcel of good discussion.

Other interesting point about him is he was very active person compared to his age. He is a marathon man and still actively participating in Marathon all over Germany. 5-10 km running per day is normal for him. I tried to follow him running once but huhhhhh.. cant match him. Our office that time was on 6th Floor and he always watched us so that we are NOT using the lift to climb the floor. Hence, we used to climb 6th floor using stair every day once he was there. Hahah.. But now, since he left, many of us use lift.

Wishing him all the best. Thanks a lot.

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Happy new year to all. Hope you have achieved every goal that you plan for 2007. Lets hope 2008 bring more cheer, joy and prosperity to all of us. It has been a while since my last post. Quite busy with my work here in Cairo. Last year I was working in the Offshore Facilities Rehabilitation Project for BP Gupco. Refer to the attached photo for Rehab Team. Standing 1st from right is me!!

New year coming and I was transferred to new and more exciting project. Now, I'm working with Germanisher Lloyds for Saqqara RBI project. The project is very exciting to me since I am involved from the start of the project. This project is basically to prepare and develop GALIOM RBI database for BP GUPCO new onshore facility, SAQQARA. The task include but not limited to :

1. Develop Asset Hierrachy
2.Define functional group and corrosion loop
3. Create feature and tag for each vessel, tank, piping. Uploading mechanical data.
4. Selecting TML (Thickness Measurement Location)
5. Assign Failure Mode
6. Define Probability and Consequence of Failure
7. Evaluate Criticality and Confidence Grading.

The team consist of Mr. Jose Jordan as Corrosion Engineer (Venezuela), myself as Reliability Engineer, Mr. Frankie as Data Coordinator / IT support (Hongkong) and supported by local Egyptian engineer. So far the project is progressing as per plan. Lets hope we deliver to BP Gupco in time.

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