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Selamat datang ke oil-gas-career ni. Saya baru je ada inisiatif untuk buat website. Nak buat topic internet marketing, internet money making ramai orang dah buat. Jadinye saya buat topic berkenaan kerja 'oil and gas' + offshore + petronas + yg bersangkutan'. Ianya bersangkutan dengan kerja saya sekarang ni. Tak tau dengan sambutan macam mana. Syok sendiri ke atau ade orang lain baca. Kalau ader sambutan, next posting saya akan kongsi cerita pasal kerja, offshore, tips macam mana nak dapat kerja oil and gas, pengalaman kerja di negara orang, step berjaya dalam career oil and gas. Macam-macam lagi nak cerita..

So harap, para pelawat dapat bagi comment, kritikan (biarlah yg membina), ulasan, kongsi pengalaman. Segala info amat dihargai.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Higher Pay & Travel Around the Globe

Working in oil and gas definitely offering you higher salary compared to other normal job. As an approximate indication, entry level positions such as Roughneck , Rigger or Catering Assistant salaries start from RM30,000 per annum. People who work in trade, professional or technical positions, tend to earn upwards of RM100,000, with salaries of over RM150,000 per annum not uncommon. Offcourse by working in oversea like in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhtan, Mexico you'll be getting more ranging from RM25,000 to Rm35,000 per month. Alhamdulillah.

Travel experiences
In the offshore oil rig and gas industries, many travel opportunities exist as part of the job. You may find yourself posted to such countries as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, the UK or elsewhere. These jobs may have larger security risks which results with a larger pay benefiting you for your time spent there. Working in other countries can be be more rewarding with larger pay and unique cultural experiences.

For a successful chance to get into the oil industry be advise you to take up one of the services available to assist people in obtaining a position within the oil rig industry.

Offshore job

Entering the offshore oil rig industry
Working onboard a rig or in the gas industry is definitely hard work in a demanding environment. There are a variety of employment opportunities and positions that are available. These range from positions such as Roustabout and Roughneck, through to Rig Medic and Radio Operator. There are a variety of services available to apply your CV throughout the oil rig industry to maximize your employment prospects.

Jobs available
There is a large variety of jobs available. They expand throughout the working of the entire oil rig operation. With such a combination of positions available there is a job to suit any individual. Some of the jobs can range from Sub Sea Engineer, Mechanic, and Roustabout to more demanding jobs like Rig Medic and Ballast controlman. These are only a few of the titles of jobs for the oil rig industry. The many other job titles you may encounter are Mudman, Painter, Toolpusher, Watchstander, Radio operator, Motorman, Crane operator, Driller,.Captain, Safety man and Rig Welder.

Working conditions
While many of the offshore oil rig jobs are physical in nature, many of the rig companies go out of their way to make sure your time spent onboard is an enjoyable one. For instance, employees/client like Shell, Exxon, Petronas may find themselves living in accommodation wings that meet 4 or 5 star hotel standards - despite the fact that you a living in the middle of an ocean. However, this not always true to the contractor or subcontractor. They might stay on barge or ship. While you are on board the company will usually meet all food, board and laundry expenses, along with travel and transfer costs. Most offshore oil rig jobs call for a 14/21 day rotation that means you work for 14 days and have 21 off. This equates to you having approximately 3/5 of the year off on holiday. Most of the accommodation places will supply you with facilities to make your stay hospitable and enjoyable. Some of these include gym facilities, satellite TV rooms and entertainment facilities.

This site is for you guys

The is created purely by oil & gas personnel for oil & gas personnel. The oil gas industry companies links include manufacturers, suppliers and offshore contractors involved in the oil gas supply chain, from early oil and gas exploration, seismic surveys and geophysical oil and gas exploration companies, oil well drilling companies and subsea engineering. Also consultancy subsea services and design of upstream well completion, subsea tie-backs, drilling templates and cluster manifolds, upstream separation and oil and natural gas processing equipment, subsea valves, Xmas trees and pipelines, subsea controls, sensors, cables, umbilical, flow or wet gas meters, subsea connectors and instrumentation, fabrication and construction companies, inspection and testing, subsea installation, ROV and diving intervention companies, oil production and maintenance companies. A complete collection of oil gas links for your currrent & future reference. Dont forget to bookmark us.

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